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One hour shooting with Hristina

Well, please don’t kill the model (or the photographer) – she is just 18 years old and this is her first time behind the camera…

We wanted to obtain some fashion-style photos for the book of Hristina. She wants to be a model, and she could do this, I think.

We’ve had just one hour of shooting, including the time of real shooting and the time needed to change three locations, moving my car and all the lighting equipment. So, this is all I could get for an hour with my Nikon camera, 70-200 lens, two SB flashes and a beginner model.

Model: Hristina Parmakova
Photographer: Nikolay Dimitrov
Hair and make-up: as is :-)

model portfolio photography

model portfolio shoot

Portrait of young girl

model portfolio photo

photo for model portfolio

model portfolio shooting

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Some BW photos from an old house in the beautiful village of Zheravna, Bulgaria

I found an old house, walking in the village of Zheravna, in Bulgaria… The house is wooden, with some stone walls, and is rated to be a part of the Bulgarian cultural heritage and especially a fine example of the traditional architecture and building craftsmanship.

The house is maybe 200 and more years old (estimate based on similar houses age), and is very photogenic. I wish I had a fashion model on hand to shoot with inside this wooden beauty. I may bring one next time I go there…

Here are the photos. Not too interesting, but I hope you will like them.

All the photos where shot with my Nikon camera and converted from NEF to JPG using a trial version of Apple’s Аperture. I’ll try the software for some days (26 left) and will publish a comparison with other RAW processing software I use. For now, Aperture looks and works fine, as you can see with these (small size) photos.

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