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Fashion shoot with Geri Dimitrova

Photo and retouching: Nikolay Dimitrov
Model: Geri Dimitrova
MUA: Grim Viktoria

Click for larger view (opens the larger photo in a new window)

Model: Geri Dimitrova

Model: Geri Dimitrova

Model: Geri Dimitrova

Model: Geri Dimitrova

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Some fashion and glamour portraits with Dimana

Well, these are some of the best photos from a 3-hours shooting with the young model Dimana Kafedzhieva. This is her first shooting, and she did quite well, considering her 15 years and lack of experience in front of the camera.

She did her hair and make-up, I did the lighting, took and retouched the photos. Enjoy!

Glamour headshot

Portrait photography

Classic portrait photo

Fashion photography

Studio fashgion photo

Glamour photography

Fashion shoot with young model

Studio fashion shooting

Editorial photo with young girl in bikini

High key monotone portrait

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One hour shooting with Hristina

Well, please don’t kill the model (or the photographer) – she is just 18 years old and this is her first time behind the camera…

We wanted to obtain some fashion-style photos for the book of Hristina. She wants to be a model, and she could do this, I think.

We’ve had just one hour of shooting, including the time of real shooting and the time needed to change three locations, moving my car and all the lighting equipment. So, this is all I could get for an hour with my Nikon camera, 70-200 lens, two SB flashes and a beginner model.

Model: Hristina Parmakova
Photographer: Nikolay Dimitrov
Hair and make-up: as is :-)

model portfolio photography

model portfolio shoot

Portrait of young girl

model portfolio photo

photo for model portfolio

model portfolio shooting

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Latest photos of Pavlina

These are 6 photos from my latest 1-hour test shoot with Pavlina Atanassova from VISAGES agency.

I was hoping to get some nice lighting on location, using two SB-800 flashes with remote triggers, but I ended up using one flash with box umbrella hold by the boyfriend of Pavlina, since I was in a hurry and forgot the stand heads in the studio. Using the assistant, I couldn’t rise-up the light high enough to obtain what I needed as light direction. Despite the problem, I was able to obtain some good images. Not what I initially wanted, but quite acceptable.

First three in color. These were shot using the PC Micro Nikkor 85/2.8 – one of my favorite Nikkor lenses.

And three more in B&W. These were shot using the AF-S Nikkor 70-200/2.8G, all at the widest aperture setting, first two at 200mm and the last one at 70mm.

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