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Some fashion and portrait work

In my country they say: “Better later than never”. According to this piece of wisdom, I proudly present you my latest, 5-months old work, with the young Bulgarian model Ivilina Zhozhgova.

The shoot was released in mid-October 2014, but since I never have enough time, I upload the photos some 5 months later.

The main goal of this shoot was to achieve some beautiful photos for Ivilina’s book.

MUA: Petya Koleva; assistant: Martin Petrov – Marto.

Beauty fashion portrait

Fashion portrait with Coca-Cola

Vintage photography

Vintage portrait

Fashion editorial

Model portrait

Vintage styling

Vintage-style black and white fashion editorial photography

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Latest photography work

Here are some examples with my latest work with the young model Geri Dimitrova.

The pics were shot for Geri’s modeling portfolio during two hours of shooting on three locations.

photo&retouching: Nikolay Dimitrov
model: Geri Dimitrova
MUA: Grim Viktoria
assistant: Dragomir Uzunov

Fashion model Geri

model portfolio cration

Fashion photography

Beauty portrait

Fashion shoot with Geri Dimitrova

Photo and retouching: Nikolay Dimitrov
Model: Geri Dimitrova
MUA: Grim Viktoria

Click for larger view (opens the larger photo in a new window)

Model: Geri Dimitrova

Model: Geri Dimitrova

Model: Geri Dimitrova

Model: Geri Dimitrova

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13 portraits in less than 10 minutes

I was invited and participated in a photography plain-air in Edirne, Turkey. I was there for four days with friends-photographers from Yambol, Bulgaria…

We were talking in the hotel corridor while I decided to make everyone of them a portait – a real portrait blitz-shoot. I used a door and the wall for a backdrop and available window light. All was done in less than 10 minutes. And here is the result.

The photos are arranged exactly in the order they were shot.

NEF files processed in Capture One PRO 7, using my own “ND_Portrait_lowsaturation” style preset.

Clicking an image will open a larger size in a new window.

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Shooting with Diana

This was a short shooting (approx. 2 hours including all preparations) with the beauty model Diana Stateva (Bulgaria).

The shooting was done in an old stone quarry. I used 2 strobes to achieve this type of lighting. Camera and lens by Nikon.

Flares were added intentionally while shooting, Photoshop used only for skin retouching. NEF files processed in Capture One Pro 7.2

Click a photo to open it at full size in a new window!

Beauty portrait of Diana

Beauty model shoot

Model portfolio shoot

Fashion editorial

Fashion editorial shooting on location

Fashion shoot with beauty model

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Dimana – fashion shoot in town

Well, I know I am late with this post, many of you have already seen these pictures on my Facebook or Flickr accounts, but better late than never. I am now posting here some of the best photos from the in-town fashion shooting with the young model Dimana kafedzhieva. Camera was a Nikon D3x, lens was (generally) 70-200/2.8VRII, I’ve used also up to three SB strobes with or without different kind of lighting umbrellas.

Click the photos to view larger sizes!

fashion shooting for model book

fashion shoot in town

Fashion model shoot

editorial photography in town

Black and White fashion photography

Fashion editorial shooting

fashion girl posing behind an old arch

Beauty model posing in fashion robe

Fashion photography retouched

Black and White fashion photo

fashion photo model in front of old door

Black and White nature photos

Today I found somewhere deep in my computer some rather old photos I took back in 2007 in Sinite Kamani national park near Sliven city in Bulgaria.

I decided these photos will look nice in Black and White with increased contrast, so here they are.

The camera was a Canon 1Ds (1-st edition) which produces incredible detail and captures very wide range or tones, especially in the dark areas.

Click the photos to view larger sizes.


Some fashion and glamour portraits with Dimana

Well, these are some of the best photos from a 3-hours shooting with the young model Dimana Kafedzhieva. This is her first shooting, and she did quite well, considering her 15 years and lack of experience in front of the camera.

She did her hair and make-up, I did the lighting, took and retouched the photos. Enjoy!

Glamour headshot

Portrait photography

Classic portrait photo

Fashion photography

Studio fashgion photo

Glamour photography

Fashion shoot with young model

Studio fashion shooting

Editorial photo with young girl in bikini

High key monotone portrait

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Six wild animal photos taken in three minutes

I love wild animals and I love photographing them. Around the village of Zheravna – the place where I spend my vacations, live many European roe deers. You can’t see them while you go on excursion in the forest because they are very timid and they usually can hear or smell you far before you see them. So, many people think there are no any animals in these forests… But they are.

Every day I go out, I see roe deers. Usually I see them from very far and I can’t take good pictures. I own a 300/4 lens, which is not enough long, so I have to go to the animals or I have to attract them to me. Stalking a roe-deer is not easy – these animals have very good senses. Sometimes I can do this, especially if the wind is coming from the animal’s side. Attracting an animal is not easier, and can be successful only in late summer, within the roe deer wedding period. To do this, I use a special whistle, making the same sound as the female, when she is calling the male.

Well, the trick with the whistle was working great last summer, and I was able to take some very good photos of male deers, but now it doesn’t. I don’t know why. Maybe the wedding period has passed too early this summer – I saw some roe-deer wedding rings very early this summer, in June. Usually, they appear in mid-July. For those, wondering what “roe-deer wedding rings” are – these are circles of trampled grass around bushes or trees.

Calling for a male roe deer with the whistle, a female came. (The sound this whistle makes is the same that the little makes, but the little is calling in a different way – in a higher register and too many times, while the adult female is calling some 6-8 times, then is keeping silence for some 5-6 minutes and calling again.)

Here are six photos I’ve chose from a series of around 20. Our meeting was just 3 minutes long. She was wondering what is this strange thing with the big eye looking at her :-) On the last picture, you can see the roe calling her little. She was thinking I am the calf :-)

Click the pictures for larger samples.

Female roe deer in forest

European roe deer, female

European female roe-deer prepared to run

Female European roe-deer

High quality photo of European roe-deer

Female roe-deer calling her little

All photos taken hand-held with Nikon D3x camera and 300/4 AF-S lens at 400ISO.

All photos available as large prints. Contact me for pricing and delivery quote.


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One hour shooting with Hristina

Well, please don’t kill the model (or the photographer) – she is just 18 years old and this is her first time behind the camera…

We wanted to obtain some fashion-style photos for the book of Hristina. She wants to be a model, and she could do this, I think.

We’ve had just one hour of shooting, including the time of real shooting and the time needed to change three locations, moving my car and all the lighting equipment. So, this is all I could get for an hour with my Nikon camera, 70-200 lens, two SB flashes and a beginner model.

Model: Hristina Parmakova
Photographer: Nikolay Dimitrov
Hair and make-up: as is :-)

model portfolio photography

model portfolio shoot

Portrait of young girl

model portfolio photo

photo for model portfolio

model portfolio shooting

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